How Blind are you to Schistosomiasis?


Captain Yaw wrote about the Troxler effect and how we can focus on one thing and lose sight of other things. (you can read the full article on Fresh Air Matters Blog). To see the effect, look at the image below, it shows a black cross surrounded by pink dots and two pink Cercariae (the parasite in its 'burrow through human skin' phase of its life). If you focus on the black cross, stare at it, do not blink, you will notice that some of the pink dots and the Cercariae disappear as your mind ignores them. It is time to stop ignoring this parasitic disease, and to give the people affected the opportunity to improve their lives, by simple health education and treatments - and we believe that light aircraft are key to the timely realisation of that need.


Take time to stare, focus and then realise that you need a broader outlook to maintain view of the problem. We believe that the MoM ETCHE project can bring about change much quicker and more sustainably than more conventional approaches.... join us as together, we change lives, one flight at a time...